cocktail hour at the bungalow

{these gals know how to have fun!} As a pre-event to the bachelorette party, they decided to rent the bungalow to have a cocktail hour before the big night out on the town.

 We decided to set the bungalow up on elk refuge road so they could enjoy the sunset over the Tetons while sipping on champagne and opening gifts.  It was a great atmosphere with some pretty awesome ladies!

{sounds like the girls had fun}

these gals planned such a great bachelorette party!  a float down the snake river, tie up to the banks, and walk over to the party/camping site on the dyke.  next day, just hop back on their rafts and off they went!  i am pretty sure everyone was hurting a little more the next day but it sounds like they had so much fun together.

congratulations to ali!